January and February are two busy months. André is giving a long series of concerts in Germany and France. Also, together with violinist Frank from his orchestra, he is composing three new numbers for the soundtrack of the film ‘Tuscan Wedding’. The film is having its premiere in the beautiful Tuschinski theatre in Amsterdam.

In April, André travels to Asia, where he performs for the first time in Taiwan and China. He is also giving a concert in Singapore. Clearly: the Asians are crazy about André! 

In May the concert agenda is again chock-full: André and the Johann Strauss Orchestra are touring through the Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. Among other places, they are playing in his favourite city of Vienna. A romantic city with a rich history and also of course the city of the Viennese Waltz.  

A month later it is the turn of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland. In Estonia, Ott Lepland, who is representing his country at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2012, is singing his greatest hit ‘Kuula’. In Riga, André is surprised by a large group of children from Russia. The children are officering him a book with illustrations of paintings, made while listening to André’s music. In June, the album ‘Magic of the Musicals’ is also appearing, together with the Johann Strauss Orchestra.      

In line with tradition, July is seeing the well-known Vrijthof concerts. The concerts in his home city of Maastricht are always very special. The first five concerts are already sold out in January. André is deciding to give three extra concerts. The show of 19 July is seen live in various cinemas in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe, and later on also in Australia and New Zealand.

After a well-earned holiday, October is seeing the start of his successful tour through bustling Brazil. During the concerts in Sao Paulo, is an exhibition of the works of art painter and son Marc Rieu. Together with his entire orchestra, staff and also the mayor of Maastricht, André is celebrating his 65th birthday in his studio in Maastricht.   

In November, André is giving a few concerts in the Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey. In the same month, the first three Vrijthof concerts of the coming year (2015) are already sold out. Due to the worldwide interest, three extra concerts are planned.

In December, André is closing an unprecedented year with a series of concerts in Ireland and the United Kingdom.