André Rieu in cinemas across Europe for one night only

[blockquote]André Rieu Live in Maastricht via Satellite to Cinemas across Europe on July[/blockquote]

London, June 29th 2010 – Classical superstar André Rieu, one of the world’s most successful artists, is coming to cinemas all over Europe for an exclusive broadcast of the July 2010 instalment of his renowned Live In Maastricht concert. Arts Alliance Media, Europe’s leading alternative content provider, are bringing the event via satellite to cinemas in 27 countries.

The concert is being captured live, and will be delivered via satellite to cinemas in countries including the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Czech Republic, and Hungary for a special one-night-only performance on July 20th. Full territory and cinema details are due to be announced shortly, and can be found at

[quote_right]Now fans in 27 countries can see for themselves just why André Rieu is the biggest solo male touring artist in the world.[/quote_right]

A musical phenomenon, André Rieu is unlike anything else in the entertainment world. Music fans can expect the experience of a lifetime when they witness the only classical concerts where the audience jump to their feet and dance in the aisles. The highest-charting classical instrumentalist of all time, having topped the Billboard Hot Tour rankings with his sold-out World Stadium Tour last year, André Rieu will now be bringing his spectacular production to cinemas across Europe.

Performed in front of thousands of fans in the open air in André Rieu’s home town of Maastricht, the highly lavish concerts feature Rieu’s famous 50-piece Johann Strauss Orchestra performing crowd- pleasing music against some of the most elaborate and expensive sets ever seen.

Now fans in 27 countries can see for themselves just why André Rieu is the biggest solo male touring artist in the world. Conducting the Johann Strauss Orchestra with his violin bow – just like the composer himself – Rieu’s onstage charisma and rock-star demeanour make this cinema event simply irresistible, and now fans can experience the show themselves in pristine digital cinema quality.

For those countries unable to join the special event on July 20th, the concert will be broadcast recorded, in 2k digital cinema quality, into cinemas at a later date to allow fans in other continents to enjoy the spectacle of André Rieu, live on stage.

“These are not just any concerts… this really means a lot for me emotionally. Maastricht is where I live: this is my city. And when you find yourself playing to your own public, well, it really has an effect.” – André Rieu