GRAMMY Soundchecks with André Rieu

On April 23 the Chapter hosted a GRAMMY SoundChecks with world-renowned violinist André Rieu at the Hammerstein Ballroom. While in the midst of a tour, Rieu welcomed 30 students from the music program at Renaissance EMS for a rehearsal and discussion with members of his 40-piece orchestra.

Rieu briefly explained how he prepares for a concert performance and how he pays attention to every detail including the running of the soundboard and the layout of the ballroom. During the discussion, students asked questions about topics such as how Rieu has maintained longevity in the music industry and how touring impacts musicians’ lives.

Rieu provided the students with insightful information about what music means to him and regaled the students with stories about his career, from the early stages of practicing as a student to creating his own conservatory. Rieu later invited the students to an exclusive dinner backstage with him and members of his orchestra, which allowed students to receive one-on-one time with the musicians, and an invitation to watch the show later that evening.