New Book Marjorie Rieu

After the success of her first book André Rieu, My music, my life André’s wife Marjorie has now written another book about him.

Two great fans of André, the twin sisters Ramona and Rebecca have dreamed for years of visiting their idol at home in his castle. They would also love to go to a rehearsal, as they are curious to see whether the orchestra players are just as happy at rehearsals as they are on stage. And they are very curious about everything that happens before a concert: what does André do then? And what do the orchestra do? What does a sound check involve? What about everything that happens backstage? The twin girls play violin and percussion themselves and would like nothing better than to play in André’s orchestra one day. Could that ever happen? Then one day an email arrives that makes their dreams come true …

It’s a book for all André’s fans, old and young, with lots of beautiful and funny photos of André, the orchestra and the clever little twins Ramona and Rebecca.

Dreams come true is a romantic and witty story about the experiences and dreams of two young fans. It will be coming out at the end of November in Dutch, English and German in a luxury bound, hardback edition.