Sir Antony Hopkins Writes Waltz For André Rieu

Academy Award-winning actor, Anthony Hopkins, is on hand when world-renowned violinist, André Rieu, conducted his Johann Strauss Orchestra’s debut performance of “And The Waltz Goes On,” a waltz Hopkins recently composed, in the maestro’s recording studio in his hometown in Maastricht, Holland.

Hopkins has written music for many years, but the ‘Thor’ co-star composed his latest piece, “And The Waltz Goes On,” with Rieu specifically in mind to perform it.

Rieu was so enthusiastic about the work that he immediately set plans in motion to record it, reportedly moving Hopkins’ wife to tears during the initial performance of the tune.

Rieu will make Hopkins’ dream come true as he prepares for the live premiere of “And The Waltz Goes On” this summer at Rieu’s hometown concerts in Maastricht. Additional performances of the composition will be featured during Rieu’s 2011 tour, including soon to be announced concerts in the U.S. and Canada.

Hopkins, no stranger to the world of music, is longtime composer whose previous achievements included a collaboration with orchestrator Stephen Barton for The Masque of Time, which was given its world premiere with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra in October 2008.